1. Participation in this Contest is governed by the following Rules and subject to the acceptance of all of their clauses, without exception.
  2. Participants must follow the registration instructions and respect the registration timetable.
  3. At the time of registration, each participant must sign the Release Form (Annex I) and the Privacy Policy (Annex 2), and must attach a copy of a valid identity document to his/her registration. If registering as a team, each member of the team must sign the Annexes.
  4. The Contest is open to students, university graduates and freelance professionals between the ages of 18 and 35. Participants are not required to be experts in their fields or to be enrolled in any professional registers.
  5. Participants may form into teams of maximum 5 members each.
  6. There are no restrictions regarding the provenance of the various members of any one given team, who may come from different countries, cities or institutions of higher education.
  7. Each prize amount is fixed and unchangeable, regardless of the number of members the winning teams might contain.
  8. The selection of the ten submissions worthy to be presented to the Jury will be performed by a Technical Committee within Italdesign.
  9. Italdesign reserves the right to assess, at its sole discretion, only those submissions which are not injurious to the reputation of others, offensive to public morality or in any way injurious to the rights of others, inflammatory, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, libelous, racist, or which constitute a form of advertisement for any commercial business not related to the proposed theme, or have content that is in violation of Italian law, public decency or Privacy Law.
  10. The decisions of the Technical Committee and of the Jury may not be challenged.
  11. It is forbidden for participants to have contact with Jury members regarding the Contest.
  12. It is forbidden for participants to distribute material relating to their Contest submissions before the winners are announced.
  13. Employees of and other parties with a professional affiliation (or similar relationship) with Italdesign or with one or more members of the Jury are prohibited from participating in this Contest, as are any persons who are related, by blood or kinship within the third degree or its equivalent, to employees of Italdesign or one or more members of the Jury.
  14. In the event of a breach of these Rules, the participant and his/her team, if he/she is competing as part of a team, shall be automatically disqualified from the Contest.
  15. The authorship of each Project shall be attributed to all of its team’s members.
  16. Option to Purchase: Upon awarding of the prizes and upon submission of their projects, the winners grant Italdesign-Giugiaro S.p.A., under Article 1331 of the Italian Civil Code, an irrevocable Option to Purchase all of the industrial and intellectual property rights related to their projects, including but not limited to the right to file patent applications and/or register design patterns in its own name or on behalf of others and/or to retain and make use of the related know-how on an exclusive basis.
  17. In the event that Italdesign chooses to exercise its Option to Purchase, participants will be entitled to be mentioned as the inventors in any applications for industrial property rights.
  18. Participants undertake to maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding the contents of their submissions and not to perform any action that could jeopardize their submissions’ ability to be patented or protected under law.
  19. Within 60 (sixty) days of the announcement of the winners (scheduled to take place on November 20, 2018) Italdesign must inform in writing the owners of the Projects of interest of whether it intends to exercise its Option to Purchase and thereby purchase all of the industrial and intellectual property rights related to said projects.
  20. In the event that Italdesign decides to exercise its Option to Purchase for a given project, it will also purchase all of the property rights and patent rights related to that project automatically, with no need to draw up any additional agreements. The consideration for the assignment of the aforesaid rights shall be negotiated in a separate agreement between Italdesign and the participant or team of participants.
  21. Participants are obligated to assist Italdesign and any suppliers it might enlist in the execution of the project, if applicable. Participants shall furnish, if necessary, any additional documents necessary for the legal protection of the intellectual and industrial property involved and, where necessary, for the development and execution of the project; they shall also provide specifications that can assist in executing the work in the best possible fashion.
  22. Italdesign reserves the right to make modifications/adjustments to the project to improve its performance or feasibility characteristics.
  23. Italdesign reserves the exhibition and publication rights for all of the projects presented.
  24. Submissions must be new, original, and the products of each participant's and/or team's own intellect. Participants must therefore refrain from submitting works that do not meet these criteria, and hereby indemnify Italdesign, which shall in no way be held liable in the event that the submissions presented are not the products of each participant's and/or team's own intellect; nor shall Italdesign be held liable in the event that the aforesaid participants and/or teams are not the owners of the rights to the commercial use, in the broadest sense, of said submissions, which include the right to participate in this Contest under the terms laid out herein.
  25. Italdesign reserves the right to make, for organizational reasons, any change it deems necessary to both these Rules and the Contest timetable; it moreover reserves the right to postpone, suspend or terminate both/either the Contest, during either of the two selection stages, and/or the Prizes, without having to pay any damages and/or compensation to the participants.
  26. Italdesign shall not be held liable for any malfunctions, technical difficulties or failures to receive material. Participants are urged to register and upload their submissions well in advance of the deadline and to provide notification of any difficulties of a technical nature via email.
  27. Pursuant to Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and its subsequent amendments and additions, Italdesign-Giugiaro S.p.A., in its capacity as Data Controller, hereby informs the participants that their personal data will be used solely for purposes associated with this Contest, in accordance with the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency, and that their confidentiality and rights will be protected.
  28. Data will be processed electronically and/or manually, for the purpose of allowing Italdesign to conduct the Contest and fulfill its obligations under the Law and/or meet other requirements imposed by the competent Authorities. Italdesign may share data collected with its employees and other trusted agents. You are not obligated to supply Italdesign with said data, but failure to do so and to agree to Italdesign's processing of that data will preclude you from participating in the Contest. The Data Controller is Italdesign-Giugiaro S.p.A., with its Registered Office at Via San Quintino n. 28, Turin; VAT Registration No. and Tax ID No. 08555070013. Each participant is entitled to the rights laid down in Article 7 of the aforesaid Legislative Decree, in particular, the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him/her exists, to be informed as to the source of that personal data, and to obtain the updating and rectification, supplementing or erasure of said data. Participants shall have the right to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of their data. To exercise these rights, participants must send a request to Italdesign, via email, at the address
  29. Participants shall be responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data, including the personal data, provided. Italdesign shall not be held liable for the provision of false data. In any case, Italdesign reserves the right to verify the data provided, in compliance with Privacy Laws. Pursuant to Article 6, letter a) of Italian Presidential Decree 430/2001, this initiative does not constitute a “prize contest”, in that it is a contest held for the purpose of the submission of projects in commercial or industrial fields, in which the awarding of a prize to the creator of the chosen work is purely a consideration for the work done.
  30. By participating in this Contest, you agree to accept the rules, terms and conditions laid out in these Rules.
  31. These Rules are subject to Italian law. Any disputes arising from them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Turin.

In addition to the grounds for exclusion already listed in these Rules, the following circumstances shall also lead to immediate disqualification from the Contest:

  1. Submissions containing text in a language other than English.
  2. Submissions or accompanying text which contain entrants’ names or reference information: the identification code of the participant or team is considered a reference to the entrants and therefore may appear only in the name of the file, where it is not seen by either the Technical Committee or the Jury.
  3. Incomplete material, material that fails to comply with contest regulations or which is provided in a digital media format that is not universally recognized.
  4. Material received outside of the timetable or by means other than those laid out in these Rules.
  5. Participants who are found to be employed by and/or professionally affiliated with (or have a similar relationship with) Italdesign or with one or more members of the Jury, or who are found to be related, by blood or kinship within the third degree or its equivalent, to employees of Italdesign or one or more members of the Jury.
  6. Participants who seek to communicate with one or more members of the Jury about this Contest.
  7. Participants who distribute material relating to their submissions before the winners are announced.