What is the Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities?

The Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities is a contest for people between 18 and 35 to find solutions and ideas for future mobility in urban areas, also dedicated to developing countries.

What are challenge prizes?

The winners of the competition will be awarded with prizes totally amounting to €40,000: 25,000 € as a 1st prize, 10,000€ as a 2nd prize and 5,000€ for a special prize.

Who is running the Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities?

Italdesign is running the contest with the sponsorship of the City of Turin.

Who is Italdesign?

Established in 1968, Italdesign is one of the world’s leading companies in the provision of development services for the automotive industry. A HQs covering over 50.000 sq. m., 1000 workforce in Italy and abroad, since its inception, the mission of the company has been providing a wide range of services dedicated to the development of new vehicles. With its fifty-year experience, Italdesign works closely with car makers starting from the first product definition to the start of production and companies in the sector can benefit from the company’s consultancy services for turnkey projects, covering all the phases through the development of styling, concept and vehicle architecture, series engineering, simulation, prototyping, testing and final production tuning. Since 2016 Italdesign is also working on the development of mobility solutions. In addition, Italdesign can provide services for shorter projects covering only a part of the overall vehicle development cycle. Italdesign has been a part of the Volkswagen Group since 2010. In 2017 Italdesign launches "Italdesign Automobili Speciali", the new brand distinguishing all the cars produced in ultra-limited series by the company only for selected collectors In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Italdesign awarded Top Employer in Italy. Further information is available at www.italdesign.it

Why is Italdesign running the Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities?

Since 2016 Italdesign opens new departments dedicated to the study of future mobility solutions. This contest aims to gather new ideas from young people worldwide in order to push innovation actively

How long will the Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities last?

The Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities will be running for 2018.

When does it start/end?

Registrations, will open on 1 March and close on 31 May. The participants will have to send their projects by 23 September at the latest. The winners will be announced in December 2018.

How is the Contest structured?

Every participant must enter his/her project not after September 23, 23:59 CET on the dedicated website or sending it to the secretariat address. An internal Italdesign technical committee will select a short list of ten finalists. The jury will elect the winners among the ten finalists.

How can I be sure the jury will select the best projects regardless the identity of the submitter?

Once you entered the Contest, you will receive a code. That code is automatically generated by the website and will identify your project. The Italdesign internal technical committee and the jury will access directly to the project and won’t be able to associate the project to any candidate.

Where can I send my project?

You can upload your electronical project using the dedicated page you will find on the contest website.

What kind of files can I upload?

All information and file limitations are indicated in the upload page.

What are the key dates of the Contest?

Registrations: 1 March to 31 May. Projects to be uploaded by 23 September. Winners will be announced in December 2018.

What currency denomination will the challenge pot be distributed in?


What opportunities for collaboration are available through the contest?

The contest hopes to recruit a diverse range of innovators, and therefore we encourage collaboration. For example, during the entry period, you will create a profile on our website where you can indicate that you want to collaborate with others. You can gather together up in group of 5.

What stage of development do you expect the submitted products/ideas to be?

At the entry stage, we are looking for ideas that have the potential to meet the judging criteria which are:

  • Innovation and uniqueness
  • Environmental and user friendly
  • Human Centered approach
  • Design for all
  • Feasibility and realistic
  • Technologically advanced and pioneering solutions
  • Solutions applicable for developing countries

Who can enter the Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities?

Everyone from 18 to 35 years old at the date of the entrance. Employees of and other individuals with a professional affiliation (or similar relationship) with Italdesign or with one or more members of the Jury are prohibited from participating in this Contest, as are any persons who are related, by blood or kinship within the third degree or its equivalent, to employees of Italdesign or one or more members of the Jury.

Do I need to be a part of an incorporated entity in order to enter?

No, you do not have to be a part of an incorporated entity in order to enter the Contest.

How many entries can I make?

Each participants can make only 1 entry.

Can I be part of more than one team?

No, you must be part only of 1 team.

Will I be required to travel if I enter the Challenge?

No, presentation can be made via the most common teleconference system. If you are selected among the 10 finalists, we will get in touch with you and arrange the best way to set up a presentation.

I have entered my idea into another competition; can I submit the same product to this competition?

No, your idea must be original and never be submitted to any other contest.

Is there an age limit for the entrants?

Yes, you must be between 18 and 35 years old at the date of your entrance.

How do I enter?

To enter the Contest, you will need to enter using an online form that can be accessed via our website.

When is the deadline for online entries?

The deadline for entries to the Contest is 23:59 CET on 31 May 2018.

How do I access the entry form?

The entry form can be accessed via the Apply page. New users will be asked to register first to access the entry form. You can save your entry and come back to it later using the same registration details. Please note we only accept entries submitted electronically.  

Is there a registration fee?

No. The Contest is free to enter.

What language can I submit my entry in?

The official language of the contest is English. All entries must be in English.

How can I contact the challenge team?

You contact the organizational secretariat at info@futuremobilitycontest.it .

When will the finalists be announced?

We will be the announcing the finalists in December 2018. More details will be published closer to the date.

How long does the finalist stage last?

The finalist stage will run from the end of September 2018 until December 2018, when the overall winners will be announced.

Who will decide on the finalists?

We are bringing together a high-profile panel of judges, whose combined expertise will cover a wide range of areas. The judges’ profiles are published on the “Jury” page. The judges’ decision will be based on assessments against the criteria to ensure that the finalists’ ideas accurately meet the challenge statement.

How will the finalists be selected?

Ten finalists will be selected based on the judging criteria by an Italdesign Internal technical committee. The jury will then elect the winners among these 10 finalists.

Will I be required to travel if I become a finalist?

No, you are not required to travel if you become a finalist. A presentation of your project can be arranged using the most common videoconference systems.

Who will decide on the winner?

The judging panel will select the winners of the Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities.

Who retains the intellectual property for my idea ?

You will have always the right to be named as inventor of your idea (including in case of any eventual patent applications). Italdesign, however, reserves to purchase the right of commercial exploitation of your idea, and all the related intellectual and industrial property rights, within 60 days of the announcement of the winners, according to the specifications set out in the Contest Rules.

What do I do if I think that another team is copying my idea for winning the Challenge?

You can contact us at info@futuremobilitycontest.it