Research Contest on Future Mobility in Cities


March 1, 2018Registrations open
May 31, 2018Registrations close at 24:00 hrs.
September 23, 2018Submissions deadline
October 11-12, 2018Presentation of the ten finalists’ projects
November 20, 2018Winners are informed
December 3, 2018Announcement of winners


An International Contest spanning the fields of Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Innovation, upon conclusion of which, Italdesign-Giugiaro S.p.A. will award two prizes to the most innovative research projects in the field of Future Mobility in Cities.

Who is invited to partecipate

Engineers, designers, artists, design architects and enthusiasts, between the ages of 18 and 35, individually or in teams.


First place25,000.00 euros
Second place10,000.00 euros

The Jury reserves the right to award a special prize.


With the sponsorship of the City of Turin


  • Industry:

Pierpaolo Antonioli- GM Global Propulsion –

  • Design:

Klaus Busse – Head of Design – FCA

  • University:

Professor Giuliana Mattiazzo, Polytechnic University of Turin

Professor Roy Kalawsky, Loughborough University

  • Transport:

Ian Macbeth - Transport for London - Head of Foresight -

  • Government/City:

P. Pisano - City of Turin, Assessor for Innovation,

In the event that one or more members of the Jury are not able to perform their appointed duties, Italdesign may replace them, publishing the revised list of Jury members on the information channels dedicated to this Contest.



In 2018, Italdesign is celebrating its Fiftieth Anniversary. Fifty years dedicated to the pursuit of style, innovation and the newest groundbreaking ideas, values which have always distinguished our Company and which will continue to define us for the next fifty years. Today, Italdesign is considered a hub of excellence, a point of reference for professionals in the fields of design, engineering and prototyping, but that is just the beginning. It is our penchant for innovation that will guide us in a mobility sector that is currently evolving at an incredible pace. We view our Company's Fiftieth Anniversary as an opportunity to seek out new stimuli and impetus to propel us into the future. That is why Italdesign, to celebrate this important occasion, has decided to organize an International Contest with the theme of Future Mobility in Cities. Designers and professionals working in creative fields all over the world are invited to join Italdesign in designing Future Mobility by sending in their projects in the fields of Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Innovation, with a focus on one or more of the following areas: Services, Vehicles, Infrastructure.

About the contest

Through their participation in the Contest “Future Mobility in Cities”, designers and professionals working in creative fields all over the world will have the opportunity to measure their skills against one of the most well-known and exclusive brands on the international scene. Creating a project for this Contest means not only a chance to challenge and test yourself against other talented young people working in your field, but also an opportunity to participate, with your ideas, in designing the cities of the future, an opportunity to become interpreters of a transformation centered around the environment and the human individual, of progress that is tangible and within everyone's reach. The Contest is divided into two different stages, as described in greater detail below. The first of these is open to all entrants who complete their registrations no later than May 1, 2018. The second and final stage will be open to the ten finalists whose submissions are selected by a Technical Committee within Italdesign.

Submission formats

Entrants may present their submissions in the form and using the type of media they deem most suitable for conveying an understanding of their projects. However, only universally recognized digital media formats will be accepted (including, but not limited to, such formats as Word, PDF, PowerPoint) and/or physical media formats suitable for presentation to the Jury. All submission documents must contain the identification code assigned at the time of registration.

note on submission

Any text accompanying submissions must be brief and must be in English. Submissions must not contain names or other references to contest entrants. Submissions and any accompanying texts must not have titles and must not contain the identification code assigned to the individual or team, which must appear only in the name of the file, which will not be seen by either the Technical Committee or the Jury. All submissions presented will be received, stored and treated by the organizers in a strictly confidential fashion, for the sole purpose of their assessment in the context of the Contest. Upon request, and if it is possible to do so, Italdesign will return any submissions that do not advance to the second stage and all related materials, at the requesting entrants’ expense.

Registration procedure

Participants must register between the hours of 00:00 on March 1, 2018 and 24:00 on May 1, 2018 by filling out the online registration form, which can be found on the contest page of the site, and signing the annexed Release Form and Privacy Policy.

Once online registration is complete, each entrant will receive an identification code via email, which shall serve as confirmation of his/her successful registration in the Contest. This code must appear on all documents submitted to the Contest.

In order to be accepted, registrations must contain:

  1. Registration Form;

  2. Privacy Policy (Annex I);

  3. Signed Release Form (Annex 2);

  4. Copy of a valid identification document.

N.B.: If participating as a team, the Annexes must be signed by each team member.

First stage

Confidential submission of projects, which must bear only the identification code received at the time of registration. Upon conclusion of the first stage, a Technical Committee within Italdesign will select the ten submissions deemed worthy to proceed to the Final stage.

final Stage

The ten finalists will have the opportunity to present their projects to the Jury, which will select the winners from among them. The ten finalists may present their projects to the Jury in person (with expenses to be borne by the entrants) or in a videoconference.

Assessment criteria

When assessing projects for selection, both the Technical Committee and the Jury will give special weight to the following criteria:

  • Innovation and originality;
  • Eco-sustainability and ease of use;
  • A user-oriented approach;
  • Inclusive design;
  • Feasibility and practicability;
  • Technologically advanced and pioneering ideas;
  • Ideas that are potentially also applicable to cities in Developing Countries.